West Lake Landscaping We specialize in complete yard makeovers

Decks & Pergolas

Many of the big jobs we do include installing a new deck, pergola, trellis, fence, or even a sun room.

Ponds & Water Features

I have a lot of experience in water features so if that is something you are interested in we can come up with a plan to build one in your yard.


Most of our jobs include a patio and we can install any type of patio you like.  We can talk through your options, your budget and what you like.


We have a lot of experience installing all types of walls.  Anything you want we can install.


We can bring in all types and sizes of trees for privacy or for decoration.

Tree Removal

We do all types of tree removal.  We can limb up the trees, climb them and bring them down piece by piece and grind the stump or dig them up.


With many jobs we need to install steps or stairs when the grade is too steep.


A big part of my business is installing sod.  95% of what I install is Zoysia since it is the best grass option for most homes.


Dry riverbeds are common to install in yards, as they add a point of interest in the yard and function to prevent erosion in spots that water tends to run.


There are many options when it comes to doing a path.  We can figure out what fits best for your yard and budget.


A good way to make the yard look good at night is to add lighting.  You can highlight your house, trees, walls and light up paths.


There are no limits to what we can do for an outdoor space.  We can customize an outdoor kitchen to meet your needs.


I have several skidstears and attachments to handle any job.  Most of my jobs start with removing trees, stumps and grading the yard to accommodate the new lawn, walls, patios and gardens.


I can help you create the garden you always wanted.  I am very talented in finding the best plants and trees for the space.  Many customers like me to bring the nursery to them, lay out the plants and then install them after it looks the way they want.


It is common in most jobs to use edging.  There are so many different options and reasons to use edging.  Here are some examples.

Cement Work

It is common for us to install a new drive way, add a cement walk way, or a basket ball court.  Many want to extend their drive way to accommodate another car or a boat.  Also stamped concrete and dyed any color may be a good fit for your yard.